Anything But Ordinary, Ch 1 Pg 29 by SonicSpirit

Anything But Ordinary, Ch 1 Pg 29


7 July 2015 at 17:36:28 MDT

WHOO! PAGE! IT'S A PAGE! LOOKIT IT! Yeah, I say that every time. Don't care.

SO MANY CHARACTERS! We've now got Ki, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Chris, Ella, Chuck, and Tanaka. ^_^;; And I'd never drawn Chuck, Ella, or Tanaka before this page. GOOD TIMES. Plus I rarely draw Chris. Cuz, c'mon. It's Chris. ANYWAY. EVERYONE IS SHOCKED. SHOCKED I TELL YOU, TO FIND THERE'S AN ECHIDNA IN THE HOUSE. And she's a Thorndyke? Crazy! Waitaminit! Where'd another Thorndyke come from?


I DID ANOTHER COLORING EXPERIMENT. CUZ THAT'S WHAT I DO WITH THIS COMIC. EXPERIMENT. Basically, I'm working out ways I can show varied lighting and texture, and all sorts of stuff, and yeah. Came up with something I think worked pretty well here! So that's good!


Original fic here: by :iconinktheechidna:
Broken into comic and drawn by me.