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New to Weasyl!

on 29 August 2017 at 12:09:49 MDT

Howdy folks! I'm new around here, but not new to the art scene. Been on DeviantArt since 2004, and on the net since 1998 (WOW I am old!) I'm looking to expand my creative presence, make new friends, and share my work. I'm a HUGE Sonic the Hedgehog fan, but I am also trying to develop original works in the furry and superhero genre. I'm also a big fan of Disney, Power Rangers, and World of Warcraft if you wanna contact me and geek out with me on these things. Maybe I can even consider reactivating my WoW account to game or maybe a round of Hearthstone. I'm bad at it but I love to play regardless.

I'll be posting some of my newer works soon, but first, I'll let you know about some of my current and upcoming projects:

First off, I write Sonic fanfics. My current fanfic series "Temporal Shadow" takes place in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic universe, where Shadow is thrown back in time to a point where the evil Doctor Robotnik was first defeated. But Shadow's presence has wrecked the timeline, and Sonic has even had a major change to him as a result.

If you wanna check out the series, here a link to my FanFiction.net page: https://www.fanfiction.net/~sonicremix

Now here's what I got planned coming up.

FAN WORK PROJECT: Sonic / Power Rangers crossover

It sounds like a strange combination, I know! But it's something I had always envisioned since i was a kid. I really wasn't sure how it would be pulled off visually until I recently came across a Korean animation on Netflix called 'Miniforce'. It was basically furries who could turn into Power Ranger-type super heroes. It was overly simplistic, obviously a children's show, but it was JUST enough to inspire me to try and make this project come to light. I'll be posting more information on this soon.

ORIGINAL WORK PROJECT: Sirius Chaos (Crystal Star: Legend of the Mecha Fighters remake)

When I said Sonic and Power Rangers crossover was something I always envisioned as a kid, I wasn't kidding. In 2002, I wrote and published a book about a furry who could turn into a Power Rangers-type superhero. She even lead a team. But the story wasn't well thought out, had a ton of mistakes, and nowadays feels embarrassing. That's why after 15 years, I been developing the world, redeveloping it, fleshing out characters, and feel just confident enough to try and reboot it, hopefully as a series, maybe even comics. I just hope I can generate enough interest for support.

Hopefully I'll be posting more soon. I hope this post has drawn your interest!

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    Hi guys! Trying to expand my creative presence, hoping to get some new people watching my work. Need to break out of this rut. Looking to make new friends as well. I'm a HUGE Sonic the Hedgehog fan but I also try to work on original furry and super hero works. Also a big fan of Disney, Power Rangers, and World of Warcraft. Come geek out with me!