Three's A Crowd by SonicHomeboy

Three's A Crowd


15 February 2013 at 09:30:01 MST

Text taken from FA:

Whew! Glad to have finished this on time! This is a gift art for Fayliru on deviantART.

In this scene, we have my fursona, Eddie the Wolf, coming across Fayliru Kirya during his journey. Glad to see a friendly face, he decides to strike up a conversation, and Fayliru obliges to talk to him. The conversation lasts for quite awhile until Silvermoon Zynkroix lands beside them and greets them. Not knowing what to do, Eddie and Fayliru just continue to talk after greeting Silvermoon. The silver-furred wolf tries very hard to get into the conversation, but he gives up and sits down waiting for the two to finish so that he could hopefully talk to one of them. I guess he is looking for someone to give him some attention. =P

Besides the less-than-steller background and rushed shading, I really like how this turned out. :) I have been in a gift giving mood lately for those that have been kind enough to accept some of my art requests. In Fayliru's case, she asked me if I wanted something drawn from her. I took me by surprise, and I took up on her offer which led to two drawings. Her drawings made my day, and that's why it led me to do this gift art as a big thank you. :D

Art, Eddie the Wolf, and Concept - sonichomeboy

Fayliru Kirya and Silvermoon Zynkroix - Fayliru on DA

Done in Photoshop 6 with the Wacom Bamboo tablet for lineart and coloring

P.S. I do recommend that you check out her artwork. She has some of the best detailed work I have seen. I would like to take credit in the costume design of my fursona, but I mainly based it off of her drawing.