Panoramic Beach Scene by SonicHomeboy

Panoramic Beach Scene


15 February 2013 at 09:26:03 MST

Text taken from the original Deviantart post

Summer's here! You know what that means! :D It's time to hit the beach after a long school semester for many of us. I mean we all deserve a much needed break from all that studying. :)

In this scene, we have four friends who are setting that example. Eddie the Wolf has just helped his friend, Lucy Martinez (lionness), finish a sand castle. You can see how hard it is to build a decent-looking one, and they feel accomplished for it. As for Cassandra Armstrong and David Hull, they're just relax before they hit the ocean. It seems that Cassandra (snow-leopard) got lost in a book and doesn't realize that her tail is in front of David's face. Poor David (red panda) doesn't know how to respond to that. =P

I may as well be honest with this one. I think the actual drawing looks better. I mean I'm really happy with coloring it in Photoshop, but I think I wasn't as careful this time around. I should really learn to take my time whenever I do digital coloring to my works. I think what through me off was trying to do proper shading. I'm so used to just use my better judgment in shading, but because I'm working with a legitimate light source I struggled to get it look like these four are under the sun. :( What I am really happy about this piece is that I have it displayed as a panoramic shot. :D I have been wanting to do a panoramic piece for a long time now excluding the photomanipulative panoramic shots in my gallery. I think I pulled it off really well here with the whole screenshot look. For widescreen users, I recommend that you try this image out on your desktop and tell me how it looks. :D

*sighs* I wish I could go to the beach again. The waters were nice in Florida the last time I went, but it's better going to the beaches in Puerto Rico. :)

Have a great summer, everyone!

Art, Characters, and Concept- sonichomeboy