His Love, His Peace by SonicHomeboy

His Love, His Peace


21 April 2013 at 14:14:44 MDT

Oh man... Where do I begin to describe about this?

Many that watch me know that I'm a Christian, but I'm not the greatest. There may be some that remember this piece.

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Well, I wanted to do something special this Easter, and I completely missed the ball on that... However, that didn't stop me from making this sketch. I did think about coloring it, but I thought it was best to leave it as is. lol

With this piece, a lot has been on my mind. Most of it has to do with finding a job in the field I've studied for or trying to get a hold of friends I've enjoyed talking to. Frustration comes in when I'm left wondering what it is I've done wrong. As one grows older, there comes a time when you understand that you're not perfect, and that pretty much applies to everyone living. The problem is that there are a lot that don't admit their mistakes or ignore them when others bring them up. I want to say that I try to see my mistakes, but I have moments when I am stubborn about it all.

When it comes to finding work, it can be difficult since most of the jobs available require some amount of experience previously, and that's the same with most entry level jobs I've seen. I am happy that I have a job at least, but it would be nice if it were something that I had graduated for. Even when I think I've found one that seems right for my skill set, I end up getting your typical "Thank you for applying and showing your interest in our company. However, we've moved on with other candidates, but we'll keep you on file." And that can be very discouraging to the point that I just don't want to bother with applying to jobs and stick with what I have...

As for friends, I will admit that I can get nervous to the point that it may just even stress out others. Trust me, it's not the first time that I have pushed away someone for a bit because I've kept asking them if they are all right. I've almost lost a friend that way a few years ago... And yet I find myself doing it to some if not most friends I talk to many times. My problem is that I try to be pleasing to others when I know it's best to just be you. However, I have a hard time reading people's emotions or over think what they are feeling by their tone of voice. This will often lead me to being unresponsive sometimes or being apprehensive in talking to them again. On the flip side, it can be disheartening when I try to call up or send a text to one of my friends by getting little to no response. I understand that everyone has a busy life they go by, but it goes back to my over thinking which leads to if I'm a good friend or not...

So what does all of this have to do with the sketch shown? There have been many times where I think I'm just not wanted anymore, like I've been completely forgotten. It has come to where I feel like I have to wave my hands in the air and yell out that I'm here wanting to talk or have fun doing something. Even then, I think that I'm just better off disappearing from any form of contact. By what means? That's something that even I am not sure. Despite all of that, I'm brought back to reflect on what good all this frustration will do me. No matter what I think and if I go with it, I know nothing will be benefited if I just let it consume me. At some point, I have to let it go knowing that it will eventually build up again whatever the reason... unless I am in control to stop that endless cycle.

However, I can't do it all by myself. And so in this drawing Eddie is finding comfort in Jesus, in anthro lion form. ^^; Even if one doesn't bother to read all of this (I understand seeing how much I've typed; it's not "Artist's Comment" for nothing), one can see that he could be asking for forgiveness or just simply having a bad day. I wanted Eddie to have his hand on Jesus' arm, but I struggled to make it look how I wanted it to. *sighs*

I have some songs to share that even fit well with the piece in general. :)

Red - "Pieces"

The Afters - "Light Up The Sky"

for KING & COUNTRY - "The Proof Of Your Love"

Sanctus Real - "The Face Of Love"

Britt Nicole - "Don't Worry Now"

Passion featuring Kristian Stanfill - "One Thing Remains"

Lifehouse - "Broken"

Goodness, I think I've lost my train of thought as of typing this up.

I know some will find this image unsettling for many opinions they might have. All I ask is that you respect where I'm coming from.

Thank you to any and all that have taken the time to read this. I felt I needed to let most of it out of my system.

God bless.

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