Devious Diplomacy! by Sonicality

Devious Diplomacy!


20 January 2014 at 15:09:23 MST

Chaos Croc and Thorn of Neo Robia arrived for a meeting with Lord Mordred Hood, each side knowing they could not possibly trust the other, with no good will between them... but Lord Hood has gotten the jump on our Neo Robian comrades and blasted them with his powerful hypnosis, claiming control of their minds! This could be the end of Neo Robia! Ohnoes! (Okay not really, next episode everything will be back to normal like it never even happened).

Lines and character Chaos Croc by ChaosCroc
Color and character Thorn by me
Lord Hood belongs to Archie or Sega or both (IDK)


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    Lord Mordred Hood is gonna get it.