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New Years Kiss by SonaArtist

New Years Kiss


So i got the idea originally from this amazing artist
I love her art
This is a Yaoi couple i have made a while ago, but have been working on their designs, the left one if Film Cam and the right one is Masked Rose
And if some of you start to look at her stuff, she does a lot of Mavin MLP stuff, if you think Control Break is a rip off from her version of Michael from Achievement hunter, you are wrong. I found her stuff a while after i made his design, though i do admit some of Control breaks design was based off of Michael from AH, mainly the Curly hair and Rage Quick tendency, that is it, besides that, he is my own character.
Also Film Cam and Masked rose are my own Characters too.
Not trying to be rude or mean, but i have had people fight with me because of this stuff, mainly it was all on Google+ but im a very conscious person XD

So i do not take rights from the original picture, i did trace to get the right format of the phone but that is all :|

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