Lullaby Heart by Sona

Lullaby Heart


3 April 2015 at 11:39:21 MDT

weeelll welll lookie here a new character Oooo
I've had this gal in mind for a while but I never finished her ref until today.
The story behind making her is pretty personal stuff.
My real mom had won me this little plushie unicorn from a claw machine before she passed. It was around valentines day so everything there was all pink and hearts and gay love stuff. Nevertheless I really like the cute little plush and for a couple years now I've been meaning to make her a character of mine and now I finally have c:

She's a very nice and calm pony with a big heart filled with compassion for others <3
Her talent is singing. She loves to sing quietly to herself or to others to make them feel better.
Instead of following a carrier in music, Lullu decided to go into the medical field and is now working as a nurse. She works in the children's center at the hospital and spends her time singing with the younger patients.


  • Her horn and hooves are a kind of iridescent color (I blurred the blue and gold on top of the pink and white)
  • Her magic color is the same color as her eyes
  • The darker colors are just the colors i used for the shading
  • Also i tried lineless for the first time and i must say its pretty fun but there's a looott of layers lol

Lullaby Heart and ref art (c) me

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