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Shower Size Testing - 5 by Somnax

Shower Size Testing - 5


Originally posted on FA on 12 Nov, 2014

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Oh, it did have to end somewhere... I suppose I can't complain. Maybe a goodra's belly isn't so stretchy for all that goo it's made of.

At least the cleanup will be easy in here.

Ah, the inevitable conclusion. Admittedly, I'm not terribly into actual images of characters popping, but it's obligatory, in a way, when what you like the most is the very instant before. Because of that, though, I never really know just how well I pulled it off - I can't really help but feel apathetic to how it's depicted, so long as it isn't morbid or unsettling. Speaking of which, my original idea for this part was simply to have bits of goo adorning the shower, but I eventually judged the idea a bit too unpleasant. The idea was that a goodra is really just a bunch of goo held together by a single membrane, and rupturing the membrane (i.e. bursting) would simply result in goo all over, but I decided against it.

Well, at the very least, I think I'm alright at drawing popping at this point. It could use a bit more depth in this case, I'm sure (instead of just one layer of water and a stray piece on top of it), but it's a start. I think my shading with it works out alright, and transparent things are slightly less annoying to draw now. If anything, I think I need to work on some way of adding "strength" to them bursting, something that looks more like it'll cover the walls in whatever-it-may-be, but I'm okay with this for now. I'll just have to experiment.

In any case, any and all feedback is a wonderful thing. I think the part before this is the single image I've gotten the most comments on, and I absolutely love that - thanks for all of it.

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    d e a r g o d that poor goodra! D:
    ..are they dead? .w.

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      Whatever you prefer, really - I never actually consider what happens after the bursting. Most do seem to like imagining that the one popping is fine afterwards.

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        honestly I don't get why people like this. but I'm not gonna judge anyone if they do. peeps will like what they like. as long as it isn't shoved down my throat I don't mind