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Shower Size Testing - 4 by Somnax

Shower Size Testing - 4


Originally posted on FA on 10 Nov, 2014

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Oh dear, it looks like our goodra doesn't have much of any room left... they're struggling just to stay in one piece for any longer. They're sure fighting it, though...

...let's keep going, shall we?

Ah, the obligatory "on the brink of bursting" part. This is my own favourite, really - those last few instants where someone's passed the point of no return and can't do anything but grit their teeth and/or cry out as they're pushed past their limit. ...sounds kind of like an orgasm, doesn't it? That's what it is to me, really.

On that same subject, while it does make for a nice effect, especially with how the character being inflated it overwhelmed by their own sheer size, I'm always hesitant to show an inflated belly being pressed against like this. If they're supposed to be at their limit, they'd be entirely taut - no room left for leaving impressions by pressing on it. Regardless, though, the belly didn't look right if it wasn't pressed a bit against the goodra's leg, and I do like the idea of their belly starting to press against their face, muffling them a bit. Double-edged sword, I guess, but I think it worked out here.

Well, feedback is a wonderful thing. It's nice to know whether or not I achieved the effect I was going for (in this case, the usual "absolutely full" idea) so that I can know what to try to improve on. More feedback from you guys means better art :U

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