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Shower Size Testing - 3 by Somnax

Shower Size Testing - 3


Originally posted on FA on 8 Nov, 2014

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Our little goodra's finally getting all nice and round... and we still have a bit to go, too!

I think they're finally beginning to feel themselves really stretching, though...

Oh, I do love how this goodra's turning out, for the most part. The belly does look all nice and round, and some water's starting to show through the goo as it's stretched thinner and thinner. There's a ways to go, and they're already becoming concerned...

I'd apologize for getting kind of into it, but c'mon, that's what it's for. I'm still happy with how this has worked out - soft shading really does do wonders. I love a progression of the character's of the expression throughout a sequence like this as they realize they're nearing their limit. All that sadistic stuff.

Well, feedback is cool, whatever it may be. I really do appreciate all that I've gotten thus far on this sequence, and I thank you for it in advance.