Downtime by Somnax



30 May 2016 at 17:10:44 MDT

Originally posted on FA on 21 Sep, 2014

Jay is my pet, yes, but that doesn't mean our relationship is only sexual.
Oh hey, this is my first submission on here that isn't intended to be viewed in a sexual manner. Feel free if you want to, I guess, but I enjoyed making something cute.

I have to say, this worked out almost exactly as I had hoped it would. I had a slightly different pose in mind, where Jay's head would be up against my chest, but things kind of worked out like this, instead. I can't really complain, though, as I think it looks nice and captures what I had wanted it to anyways. Lucarios still give me trouble when I draw them, but I suppose that's a matter of practice - I take no issue with how Jay turned out. The nick in his left ear ended up being out of view, but I still got his tail and collar, so I'm satisfied with how most of his identifying features are visible.

As for why I drew this, aside from wanting to make something cute: Jay is, in fact, based off of a very close friend of mine. We don't do anything sexual (I just draw that stuff here to mess with him), but we are quite comfortable with one another physically, to say the least. Because of this, I wanted the dynamic between myself and Jay's character to be more than what's been shown thus far (and will be shown in the future). Between all the sadism and whatnot, I felt like making something that shows that I actually care for the guy.

Anyhow, all the usual feedback of any sort (I do love comments) is greatly appreciated, so don't be shy.