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Hydro Pumped by Somnax

Hydro Pumped


Originally posted on FA on 15 March, 2014

It seems that every inflation artist is doomed to at one point or another begin titling their submissions after puns.

Well, look what we have here. Yet another pokémon caught up in an interesting situation. It guess this is what happens when vaporeon uses hydro pump while something is ever-so-conveniently keeping their mouth shut.

What's going to give first, the tape, or the vaporeon? They're definitely feeling some pressure, and they're looking pretty taut - I'll leave that up to you, though.

Finally, something easy and inflate-y after that last work I submitted. I wanted to try something new this time around, that being leaking of some sort - as you've probably noticed, I went for the mouth, with water dripping down the poor vaporeon's face. I don't have much to say this time around in terms of how satisfied I am, as I'm fine with this piece but don't feel particularly proud of it, either. It's just good 'ol sadistic inflation fun with unwilling victims on the verge of bursting.

If anybody has a particular pokémon they want to see be inflated (or want to see something inflated with something specific, e.g. fire, like I had done with a typhlosion), feel free to ask. I can't guarantee that I'll do it, of course, but it gives me more ideas and makes me happy when people are satisfied with me having drawn what they wanted.

Maybe I'll try a floatzel next...

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