Holding it in by Somnax

Holding it in


29 May 2016 at 12:29:50 MDT

Originally posted on FA on 17 Feb, 2014

This (not so) little guy got caught up holding in a Flamethrower. I'll leave it up to you to decide what made him this big, be it a dare to see how big he can get or something getting plugged up. Whatever it may be, he's definitely looking like he's having some worries about staying in one piece much longer.
I actually ended up making this because I was stuck on something else and decided to take a break by drawing something easier. That piece will be explicit art as usual, but I suppose that this is something else to have fun with until then.

I've always had a thing for inflation with certain abnormal substances, like some kind of energy (e.g. electricity, as little sense as that makes), lava (assuming the inflatee can take it, I might get sadistic, but filling a character with lava isn't something I'd do unless they were resistant in some way), or in this case, fire. I think it's because it's all glow-y, giving the perfect excuse to make a character very transparent.

At the same time, back before I really even understood my interest in inflation, I'd fantasize about things like this with a character being inflated by whatever it is that they can spit out (e.g. a water pokémon being plugged up and inflating with water, or a fire pokémon holding in fire in this case). I think it was just the sadism speaking, what with the "hoist by their own petard"-esque quality of it all. Even if I like seeing a character forcefully inflated past their limit, there's something else that I find appealing about a character doing it to themselves, whether they intend to actually pop or not.

Anywho, like usual, any feedback is appreciated.