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Can't be bothered to draw anymore

on 24 June 2017 at 21:12:18 MDT

I'm sick and tired of my art getting zero attention.

If I send a text tweet, I'll usually get some reply or acknowledgement. If I post something on reddit, I'll usually get some reply or acknowledgement. If I post my art? No recognition from other artists. Just creeps everywhere. No matter how much I improve or post, the end result is the same every time and it’s been this way for years. And yet other people with less or equal skill than me somehow get recognition and become popular anyway, and that of course opens them up to the artist community at large and gets them friends.

Have I forgot to mention my art is only a further attempt to find and make friends? I swear, I'm a real-life Tomoko Kuroki.

I feel like giving up, because why bother if you put effort and your heart and soul in and get no favorites/views/comments/etc from other artists?

To me, it's a quest of futility at this point, more proof that I'm going to be perpetually lonely no matter what I do. May as well suck it up and accept fate for what it is.

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    Thank you for the fave. =)

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    Thank you for the favorites and comment! :3

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    I just wondered if we can become friends online .

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    Thanks for the Favorite! I'm glad you like the art!

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    Sorry if I'm flooding the front page! Just re-uploading all of my stuff after I left FA and nuked it as well as a variety of other old stuff. Well, sort of. Also uploading pretty much all of the new art I drew since I abandoned Weasyl, probably by accident.

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    Thank you for the follow, Solrex!

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      No probs. Your journal compelled me to leave FA as well and move to Weasyl.