Sol the RoboMouse! by solarknight99

Sol the RoboMouse!


29 May 2016 at 16:40:17 MDT

(Crosspost from DA)
So a little while ago, I saw someone had done a robotic version of their mouse oc, and thought it was so adorable, I had to do a version of my own!

So here we go! I'm a mouse robot for a bit! My mind has been transferred to this tiny machine, which still gives me a full range of sight, touch, hearing and feeling my organic version does! The usb on my tail allows me to access any computer system it's plugged into. My eyes are displayed on a small screen where my face is. This body has been designed to give me a full range of motion with all my limbs.

Anyway, I like this idea. It's not going to replace my Sandslash form for this month, but it's something I'm going to do more of in the future!

Also no scarf this time, I couldn't decide wetheir I wanted a real one or a projected one like my android chu form, but I'll decide on that next time I draw this

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