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Solarian / Male


Solarian | Recombinant Mammalian Mutant

He catches your eye from the corner of the room. His pose haunched over as he leans against the wall, hands in his pockets. The young man is tall, in fact he is towering over anyone else in the room. This explains the hack compromising position as he looks back over at you. After his size you notice the unusual features of his furry face and bare arms. He is definitely a big cat of some sort, but there is something more judging by that nose and slightly more elongated snout, some sort of canine perhaps? It takes a moment more of observation before you add two plus two, namely wolf and tiger. Probably a little more tiger than wolf considering his dominant stripes, whiskered face, and an overall more dynamic and agile body type than raw power like a canid.

In any case he has noticed you now and beckons you over. You approach gingerly, eyes glancing over his arms that hang down from his shoulders, a black green shirt clinging to his chest a little too tightly. He looks fit, toned in fact but nothing too bulky. A swimmer's build, or something equally as athletic. He grins as you get near and notices your eyes going over his stripy furred arms and chest to travel down to the front of what looks like custom tailored denim jeans. There is definitely something down there between his legs, something unmistakably male and imposingly oversized. You start imagining the proportions unclothed but are incapable of imagining someone capable of fitting such a monster inside of them. You have to be reminded to draw your eyes back up to look the young man in his eyes.

He smiles back at you, apparently pleased with the attention that you are giving him.

"The name's Solarian." He introduces himself to you and moves stands of blond hair to the side uncovering his piercing purple eyes. "So, do you go to the gym?"


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    Thank you very much for the follow! I'm glad you like what you see <3
    Have a great day!

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    Let me just peruse your favorites for a bit ;)

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    Well I'm not surprised at all by this development.

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      Which development? :P