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I'm currently pretty into Pet Sites, haha.

My Flight Rising account is also Solar!


Not available for commissions at this time.

This account is not as active as I would like, I'm still personally collecting myself~




Animation - Custom

Simple Loop, Single Character
from $ 26.00
to $ 38.00
Simple Loop, Two Character
from $ 50.00
to $ 65.00
add  Unique frames over 5
$ 5.00

Animation - Premade

Premade Animated Icons: Couple
$ 32.00
Premade Animated Icons: Single
$ 16.00
add  Complex Markings | Character
$ 2.00

Example for premade single icons: none!
Example for premade couple icons: none!
Example for custom loop: One!

!! Cick for my Terms of Service !!
I accept Paypal only.


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    When FA totally implodes, I'll be left with nothing if I don't start posting in other places.

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    Birthday doge!

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    Love youuuu.

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    2014's Electro-pill is looking dynamite!

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    look around you all these big ass trees..

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    solar, its like my mother would always tell me. FA is like an onion, it stinks and its layers won't always protect it from sex offenders.

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    Placebo effect