I'm glad by Solapi

I'm glad


16 May 2018 at 10:45:37 MDT

Hi !
I hope you had a great week-end ! For my part, I went in another city with my friends and we celebrated the birthday of one of them there, it was pretty fun but also exhausting :'). My feet still hurt, huh.

Also, you probably didn't notice it but I went through a break up some weeks ago, and I started this piece as a kind of vent artwork. I wanted it to represent my determination and independence. But also a calm and released state of mind. This relationship was heavy and unhealthy for me, so, like the title say, I'm absolutely glad that it's finally over. I don't want a person who lays on me to resolve all his insecurities and problems, I need a partner who will walk through life as an equal and a supporter. Someone who can be there for me as I can be there for him. Not a unilateral nurse-patient relationship. He has many things to deal with his own conception of a relationship (you can't try to control the other person just because you're insecure). And honestly, my bag is already full, I don't need someone else's on my shoulders.

Anyway, it would be too long to actually explain but lets say he was constantly trying to control the relationship and to over-analyse every moves/words I did. Since he studies psychology too, he was pretty intrusive and insulting (I do study psychology too, but one of the first things you learn is to never analyze your family/friends/partners, even more against their consent). Still, he used to do it and actually found that funny.

So that's it now, bye bye Mr. Control Freak. Free Solapï is back, and yes I got a new haircut hahah (a little cute bang!).

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