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I'm a hobbyist artist, so what I do is for fun and by passion. I'm studying in Psychology at University and I really love that!

My art is about Furries, a lot, and humans too. I've now three stories that I'm working on, two with only furries called UNKNOWN and Your Light and the second with humans and furries called Effervescence.

I don't RolePlay, sorry :3. I also prefer deep and funny conversation over small chat. My Facebook is always open (I keep my art page notes more for drawing business), add me as a friend :).

Obviously, all the characters belong to me (except when mentioned) and you're not authorized to copy, alter, claim them as your own or anything like this without my permission. I do not bite, you can ask me questions :3.

So welcome on my art page and enjoy your visit !
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Happy New Year

on 2 January 2018 at 07:56:32 MST

So, while the family is waking up I'll take the moment I needed to make my New Year post :).

2017 has been a tough one, probably the most difficult so far. But I also grew in this and became a little more adult and strong in my identity. I'll make a live video later to tell you a little more about it later :'). I have good hopes for 2018 and I'm really optimistic ^-^. So there are my resolution for this brand new year ~

  1. To eat healthier (I'm already vegetarian but I'd like to do better).
  2. Do a sport (still hesitating between Power Yoga, really loved it, going to a gym or taking a box class).
  3. Improve my art and give more attention to my Patreon. I'd like to create original and regular rewards.
  4. Get a second job.
  5. Get my psychology diploma and be accepted in my master.
  6. To move on my own, in my apartment.
  7. Being able to finish (or at least make a great progress) on my novel.
  8. To develop my spirituality.

I hope I'll make it :). If you want to share your own resolutions with me, post them in comment ; we could support each other ^-^ <3 !

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    I'm new to Weasyl, I hope I'll have a great time here and make a lot of new friends ! :) I also hope you'll find the content I post interesting.