Sparks in the Night by Sofia.exe

Sparks in the Night


18 November 2014 at 01:54:34 MST

The warning wail of distant sirens were already heaving their shrill voices into the air by the time she had arrived at the next vermin haven. She debated turning back. An already riled nest of ants was not the most appealing target to dig into. The trickle-tickle of weak beyond weak bites and stings from petite popguns could be shrugged off – but a multitude demanded unacceptable recovery time. Experience had taught her as well, that lingering too long around a triumphant kill was an invitation for things that could bite back. Indeed even now, she could see the twinkle-flicker of lights above the horizon. Perked ears afforded her the dull, distant beat of whirling blades marring the night air. The meandering course of the metallic insects told her she had not yet been detected and she decided that ought to remain so. They were frustrating quarry that could actually sting through her hide. Although they rarely could maneuver through the jungle of steel and concrete as well as she - trying to fish them out of the air was like throwing fistfuls of pebbles at dragonflies. Unrewarding and dirty...

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