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Dr Soft's New Socks Pg 1/2 - Sock TF *Story Included* by Socks-Bolt

Dr Soft's New Socks Pg 1/2 - Sock TF *Story Included*


Check ArrogantKitsune' story below! She wrote it as her part of the collab XD
Just a quick note, this comic is about 10 months old now, been unable to upload it til now XD

Check out her DA here -

The alarms rang loudly, signalling that, once more, the bank was being robbed. It was a common occurrence, nearly everyday in this city, but normally a superhero came out of the blue to stop the dastardly villain from escaping. Today that hero came in the form of two civilians out on a lovely walk enjoying the perfectly delightful spring weather, their pleasant morning interrupted by the blaring bank alarm.
Running forth from the bank came the nefarious villain Dr. Soft! One couldn’t exactly call him dastardly, as he never did anything too villainous, but there was no doubt he was still a very threatening villain. That is why it was rather odd that the two normal foxes enjoying their walk approached and stopped Dr. Soft from making his escape.
“Dude, what the hell?” the marbled arctic/fennec hybrid Leanan said.
“You can’t just rob a bank!” the blue fox with the red bandana Spark added, pointing a finger at the somewhat surprised German shepherd in a lab coat carrying a bag full of money. “We won’t let you get away with this!” At that, the large, mostly-brown furred dog grinned, a wicked, villainous grin.
“You won’t will you? I rather think you might help me escape!” Dr. Soft said softly, flicking his paw at them, flinging two of his deleterious sewing needles at the two foxes. They both let out a cry as the needles pierced them, beginning to unleash Dr. Soft’s foul powers into their fragile foxy bodies.
“W-What’s happening?” Spark asked in shock, he could already feel the needle starting to stitch him up inside. It wasn’t painful, merely an odd sensation as he was tugged internally by the needle and thread. Normally, the villain Dr. Soft transformed his victims into plush forms of themselves, which he could control like puppets to do his dirty bidding. This time however, he had a new, cruel form of punishment for the two attempted do-gooders.
Spark looked down to where the needle’s work was most insistent, and gasped! His legs were being stitched together, and as they did so they were losing solidity and length! He felt himself begin to slowly fall. He smiled widely as he saw his fur turning to fabric and his lower half began to take on a rather familiar shape. He looked over to his friend, hoping she too was as eager as he was for what was happening to them.
Leanan cried out in shock as she felt herself become more of an airhead than usual, although this time it was quite literal as the top of her head began opening up, spreading more and more as she began turning to fabric. She reached up, feeling her plush fur and luxurious mane of hair turning into a soft, silky material, while her head became increasingly easy to press inwards, despite her arms starting to soften up too! She looked a little distressed as her upper body fell forwards, still supported by her lower half, for now.
Spark just chuckled, sinking deeper into himself. She looked rather silly, and Dr. Soft was a fairly decent person to his victims so they really didn’t have anything to be afraid of; all they could do was enjoy themselves and Spark completely intended to do so!
The now giant to them German Shepherd chuckled, looking down at his conquests. By his left foot was a beautiful sock that went from white to a pretty blue in a gradient. By his right foot was a lovely white and silver marbled sock with purple edging. Both looked to be the highest quality, and he knew it. All his works were done in such a similar, top grade fashion!
He pulled both socks on, wiggling his toes in them and cooing happily, they felt perfect! So soft, yet somehow they felt like they cushioned his feet so they wouldn’t get sore or hurt from running.
This is amazing! Spark thought excitedly, feeling the thick, fluffy paw of the German Shepherd fill him, spreading his body out fully to entirely encase that beautiful foot within his soft embrace. He felt himself absorbing the dog villain’s sweat into his own cottony body, enshrining the stench into himself. For of course, the villainous canine’s feet stank of sweat and musk! Most people would recoil from such feet but instead Spark found himself craving these feet, wanting to stay with them, to protect them, to love them! Maybe if I ask nicely he can have the Transmorgrifier turn me into his paw for a while, the blue fox-sock thought excitedly.
Leanan, on the other foot, was finding it hard to stop resisting the temptation to give into these feet. She was scared, who wouldn’t be? But as the paw had slipped in and his musk had flooded her senses fear gave way to desire. The paw was so perfect in every way, stinky, sweaty, musky, fluffy, big, and most of all it was in her. If she had a face or blood she would be blushing, ashamed of how much she loved the foot. Maybe, once she was freed and Dr. Soft had escaped wherever he’d be put when a hero captured him, she could find him again and ask to be his paw plushie? A toy to rest and rub one’s stinky paws on.
Dr. Soft grinned, he could hear every thought his socks were having, and he loved it. He’d never known such paw-lovers existed, and with an even more villainous grin than before he decided he would allow the two fox’s to have their wishes, once he was done with them as socks and they had been worn so long they would smell like his horrible, stinky feet even after several long, deep-cleaning baths! There was no way he’d put them in a washing machine, the two foolish foxes deserved to smell of villainous foot stench for even trying to put a stop to his dirty deeds!
Then, just as nobody thought it could get worse, it did! Dr. Soft finally did the act that put him over the edge and turned him into a dastardly villain who commit the worst sort of atrocities! He pulled from one of his lab coat pockets with seemingly infinite space a pair of sandals! To the horror of onlookers, he slipped on the sandals, wiggled his toes into position, and laughed maniacally!
Look out world! Dr. Soft is here! And ALL shall become his plush minions and bear witness to his crimes against both humanity and fashion!

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