Neve's New Outfit (?) - Neve into Headband by Socks-Bolt

Neve's New Outfit (?) - Neve into Headband


8 July 2017 at 00:24:54 MDT

Eighth of a series on this account. My OC Neve the Espeon has decided she needs a new outfit and using her transforming psychic powers, she's turning her anthro friends into the outfit!

The pleased Espeon looked over her outfit, not noticing a mysterious figure entering the house. Neve and co had a lot of friends in the house - an unfortunately for her she forgot one person, possibly the most important one. The mysterious anthro raised her paw behind Neve and suddenly Neve felt herself shrinking down, being lost suddenly underneath the rest of the clothing she had so thoughtfully created. The blonde paw moved the clothes to pull out Neve, who more resembled a headband than a Espeon. She looked over at the causer of the change and before she could cry out her name, fabric had grown over her now cottonmouth. Her limbs and tail shrunk into her fabric form and soon she was a new purple headband with a red gem on it. The new character put on the new head piece, and quickly put on the outfit, that use to be Neve's but was now claimed by a new anthro...

The eigth of a few images where Neve creates herself an outfit, the final part will be uploaded soon XD

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