Swollen n' Sloshed Sandwich-Smith by Snozzy

Swollen n' Sloshed Sandwich-Smith


20 May 2015 at 12:53:01 MDT

Reuben found some beer, some bread, and went to town! Now he's tipsy, giggly, and stuffing his face. Making as many sloppy sandwiches as he can and scarfing them all down, belly burbling as it swells out bigger and rounder with each gulp. Good thing he's near indestructible, isn't it? At this rate, he's going to be pretty damn full and hungover in the morning...

This is the result of that sketch poll I did the other day, and I'm pretty dang happy with how it came out. Sorry that I've been kind of slow with my art recently, I've been distracted with other things. I'll try and get back into it for you guys!