Big Blue Data Blimp by Snozzy

Big Blue Data Blimp


24 November 2017 at 15:19:52 MST

This is part of a little project I'm calling 'Snozzy 2.0'. Basically, updating my guil and giving him some new lore! Won't be any major changes to his look, just giving him some silly new powers and 'rules'.

One thing I'm changing is that this is Snozzy's new 'true' form, to put it one way. Basically, Snozzy's less of a guilmon specifically now (though he still prefers to look like one) and he's more of a blob of data that can re-shape himself. When you see him as a guil, all red and white, what you're seeing is this blue version of him wearing a 'suit' to make him look like a more normal guilmon. He can generate these suits out of the data stored in his body, it just takes some time and concentration. They're smooth and rubbery, like faux skin. This also explains his other forms, like his impmon form. He's the same blue gel on the inside, just stuffed into a different 'suit' for a different look.

This leads to a more morph-able Snozzy, and helps explain some of the other silly things I like. It also means he can do things like grow extra limbs, heads, and change size at will! He's a dense gel, not a slimy goo, and that's because he's got a LOT of data compacted into his body. If he 'relaxed' and uncompressed himself, he'd take on a more goo/slime like consistency, but he'd also cover an entire city block. So he keeps things more manageable by compacting himself down into a more solid, smaller form.

You might also notice he's missing his earring here! Holding himself in a single, compact from like this is a bit of a strain. So when he's figured out what look he wants and morphed into it, he puts that earring on and it holds him together. That way he doesn't have to stay focused all day just to keep from -bworping- out to his full, blobby size. So if you want to stop him from shifting shape on you, just stuff that earring back onto him! Or if you feel like you want Snozz to look different, pluck it off and re-mold him like clay. Just be careful, the ring also prevents him from more devious tricks, so if you pluck it off you might find yourself dealing with a mischevious goo-guil.

At the end of the day, Snozzy's gonna be in his suit more often than not, so you won't see this goo/gel version of him too often. But when you do, expect weird/silly/kinky things to happen!

And to think, this all just started as a quick doodle for a size ref... Oh yeah! That's the thing this was going to be at first, Snozzy's new default size! Bigger belly n' all that. Lemme know what you think about that, and if you've got any questions about Snozzy 2.0, feel free to ask!

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    This is cool! What a clever way to explain all the form changes yet still stick to his digital roots... :0