Eager for Experimentation by Snozzy

Eager for Experimentation


4 March 2016 at 09:23:44 MST

*It was amazing just watching him push his way through the door-frame. Worming that round, blubbery body through, squishing his belly past the edges bit by bit. It was clear he wasn't having trouble, no sir. He wanted to take his own sweet time, and let you watch. And watch you did, eyes glued to his wobbly gut as it finally popped through the doorway. The he 'struggled' to squeeze his hips through, swaying them back and forth and making every curve on his body wobble softly. *

It felt like an eon had passed by time he was done, leaning back on the door-frame and smirking at you. "I think this experiment should be done in the bedroom..." He rumbled, head nodding back towards the room he'd just emerged from. All you could do was nod dimly in agreement, heart fluttering as you watched the massive alien turn around. You were about to get a repeat of his little show, this time from a much more intimate angle. And then, you were going to get even more.

It's been a while since I last drew some fat-ass Jumba. 'Bout time I fixed that, no?

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    That is one perfect belly! Jumba seems to be a very powerful man, very well endowed in all aspects. >:)