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Kai (Aniu) by SnowVolkolak

Kai (Aniu)


Meeting Fox Kai. Before she had another name, but she is like the moon: changeable, diverse and multifaceted. A real shaman, who still keeps up with the times.

  • This project was new almost everything. Starting from the ears - they are mobile, but without electronic engines, they can move in any direction to change their position, ending with the eyes is the most difficult aspect of this Fox.
  • The eyes had to be created manually. They took me, probably, most of the time, along with the ears and horns. The first special about them was the color is iridescent color chameleon, for heterochromia the beast. One eye needs to be cast purple mother of pearl with blue, the second gold-emerald green. However, they are not limited to these colors! They can respond to light! Yes, they are photosensitive and can Shine in the dark like real fox, at all, even a weak light source. Also different and very bright colors + LEDs
  • Remivable horns. They seem to give two forms of this the Fox. Magical and natural :)
  • The tongue by silicone on the small magnet that would be able to stick the entire length and then place it in the mouth.
  • Lips, nose and ears are also created from flexible silicone.
  • Very thick and my favorite faux fur 'Arctic Fox'
  • There is a removable cooler

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    I love the fact the horns are removable. This is fantastic.Loooove it.