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Kirin See'sha by SnowVolkolak

Kirin See'sha


"Long ago, in the Sacred mountains lived a very great Creature. He is very ancient and lives of the Millennium. They say that it has become one of the guardians of one Land, patron of Nature, Life and all living Beings.
It promises prosperity and wealth. It is the embodiment of natural forces and generosity, power and courage. His keen eye immediately distinguish the liar and the villain among hundreds of people. His sharp horns into weapons, when on his way meets a criminal. But..wise the beast will not touch and small bug – he lives in the woods, where he enjoys his solitude"...

~ The first time I worked with NFT furs. Kirin are famous for and very proud of his lush mane. And this would have been impossible to depict otherwise. And See"sha in my opinion really want to show it :)
~ Ears, lips, tongue and nose are soft and pleasant to the touch from wear-resistant silicone. The wonderful vibrating ears and create a lot of pleasant tactile and visual effects - these ears will never wrinkle, always will be to keep the indicated form.
~ There's a LEDs and cooling
~ Horn plastic replica cast from the real things
~ Real jingle-bells that jingle when it moves, the cords suede
~ For ease of wear and beauty in appearance is the lining of the moving fabric on inside in hood
~ Forked tongue so much fun to be trembling from the movements of the jaw
~ Through the nostrils
~ Got lashes that give depth and natural look, making view it alive, each time changing the mood.

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