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Dragon Stellar by SnowVolkolak

Dragon Stellar


Meet, this's Stellar - the star dragon of cold and Northern lights, she was reborn from my personal mask Selena. Why? The old mask I had my complaints about anatomy of that creature, which I did, much was altered, much experiment. But most importantly - it was sooo huge and heavy mane, which gave nuances to wear. The most basic - I wanted to feel my neck more mobile, kanekalon not allowed to do in the past, and I still wanted to give priority to convenience completely. It was therefore decided will plan my Selena's new personal mask in future in a more expensive and interesting materials, as well after the character in the personal fursuit more refined, I will mplement new ideas :)

So Selena not going anywhere, it will just keep growing and waiting in her wings.

Stellar is a separate character, where "old" in it is the basis for the mask, which was little more than converted into the dragon.
Jaws, which was completely repainted, and the mane, which is still useful to make a comb😊 Fully covered by new fur, re-painted, made of solid horns, scales and plates. A new set of eyes, a bizarre shimmering in the light and changing its color). Enhanced vision in the mask, added "star in a forehead", through the nostrils, also framed around small scales, and eyes. Ears, tongue and lips by soft silicone.

Old personal mask design (other character):

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