Farron and Yuki Comparison by SnowFeline

Farron and Yuki Comparison


22 December 2015 at 14:51:27 MST

Kinda doodled this up in between larger drawings. I like showing my concepts and stuff every now and then plus I haven't uploaded much so just thought I'd upload this..........it looks decent .3.

I've had people think the two were the same character before and I needed to sort out their differences.

So Farron on the left is obviously larger, darker, and well has kinda a bitch face thing going on :P She looks like that all the time btw. She also lacks a curled tail and hair on the right side of her head aswell as has some scarring in the bald spot. Another difference is ears are positioned on the side of her head instead of on top.

Yuki on the right is smaller and more weak in appearance than Farron. She has smaller more dainty looking hands and feet while also sporting a long tightly curled tail. Because of her small feet and the inability to walk plantigrade her tail is constantly held up and wagging back and forth to maintain balance, especially when just standing around XD Unlike Farron, Yuki's ears are positioned on the top of her head. Her face is also more expressive than Farrons X3
This was also a good excuse to finalize Yuki's markings^^

Also, I finally(kinda) made myself a watermark. Most likely will just use when being lazy >u<

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