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Lucky Cat


14 November 2015 at 17:13:40 MST

I just wanted to make myself a cute cat character and some ideas that came to mind were that lucky cat thing and a meowth surprisingly, deciding against adding charms by adding gems and bells which in turn gave me ideas for a species instead of just a cat XD
I had a lot of fun coming up with this girl and thinking of stuff for the species, which I'm just calling luckycats.

Luckycat info

Luckycats are a very popular pet due to their natural calm and caring nature and being known as being a lucky charm helps aswell. Luckycats can shift between two forms a more feral cat-like form and a bit more human anthro form. Their usually not very big in their anthro form, usually no larger than 5 feet, their about average size in their cat form though. Luckycats are very intellegent and have almost the same thought process of that of a human. Because of this a lot of families consider them as more of a child than a pet, but some luckycats have a preferred form which usually determines how they are treated in the household. Those who like to stay anthro are treated more human, some are even sent to school along with their human siblings. Those who prefer a more lazy carefree life stick to their feral forms, only becoming anthro when they absolutely have to.
About 90% of luckycats are born blind and learn to use their senses to the best, those who believe in the metaphysical believe that they can see with their gems which are located on the forehead, paws. and tail. The claws on their front/hand paws are retractable and made of the same materiel as their gems and can be really long and sharp if not cared for. Their claws are filed weekly to prevent injury to the family and themselves. The bell on their tail doesn't make jingly noises when shook, they can make their bell jingle by will most commonly when happy and excited. They don't like their bell being touched at all so its unknown how they do this. Like their whiskers on their cheeks the bow-like growth on their tail is really sensitive, which aids in "seeing" their surroundings, In the middle of the bow is a gem. Their collars are merely collars, most owners just like to give their luckycats matching collars. Luckycats love their collars and never take them off, especially if their owner passed away.

Not the most unique looking species, but I enjoys species with a good bio more than looks. I have way more info in my head, but I'm so tired. I'll add to this later^^
I find it kinda funny how I created this, a species known for its luck on Friday the 13th a day of bad luck :P
Maybe they are only born on Friday the 13th hmm...................I don't think there'd be enough for everybody then.............

Luckycats are a closed species by me, please do not make your own

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