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25 May 2018 at 06:50:05 MDT

Okay so you know how I said I wouldn’t draw for a month, well I kinda lied because I kinda caught the flu so that’s very bad news as far as homework is concerned but on the other hand I really had to do this.

It’s been a long time I was meaning to draw my best friend Dakota’s character, and I planned do to like, a bajillion pictures, but as usual I only manage one. Well, Dakota, I hope you like it, because I like you.

In a life gone to shit and in the prospect of dragging a bipolar depression until the end of my days you’re pretty much all I really have left. You were there after the Christmas “incident”, you took me seriously then, you’ve cared, in the little time we’ve known each other you’ve always backed me up and you tried to see things my way. I wish I was less of a brain cripple so I could have the ability to feel more things for you but I’ll guarantee that you push me to my limit.

Maybe we like each other because we’re two selfish, whiny, asshole kids with ADD and demonic possession and we reinforce each other in our shitty ways. Or maybe we like each other because we understand how it’s not that simple and that it’s okay to stand by my imperfection. I don’t know and I don’t care. I’m just gonna put that in my gallery, complete with that text that will give more things for a special crew of special needs people ammo to mock me with.

There is nothing better than an accomplice. I’m very glad I have found someone that doesn’t flip her shit when I express my negative feelings towards many a thing... And tends to just agree with them by her own right. In simpler words when I say furries are dumb and she says yes that gives me a boner, so does Sully, never have I wanted so much to cuddle with an imaginary friend that smells of piss and PCP.

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    Ohh look at this hip cool kid

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      Sully is a hellhound. Grey being the antichrist that means Sully is actually his dog. He lost him when Satan was playing fetch and threw the ball way too far on the mortal plane and Sully didn't find it. He's been looking for for it ever since and got lost himself along the way OD'ing under bridges on people's souls and morphine, and Grey is currently looking for him in Florida by putting lost dog posters around neighborhoods, although he keeps ending up regularly as roadkill more or less voluntarily because this is Florida. Sully wanders about injecting babies with methadone and accumulating brain damage, forever looking for "the ball". It was red.

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    sorry you're sick! issa bummer :O i wish you good rest!

    this is fantastic. the tail enchants me, and i love that arm! not to mention the GROWL.

    and your words are important! i'm glad you've found someone to stand by you. we are never truly alone.

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    Not someone I'd want to meet in a dark ally... without a shotgun.