a lover, not a fighter by SNAP

a lover, not a fighter


20 April 2014 at 18:16:38 MDT

A doodle, turned into probably my favorite piece yet :D
100% vector, minimal color adjustments done in photoshop.

also a concept for a comic I might be starting!

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    I love this!! I love how at first I'm like- clean lines-bright colors-appealing shapes- etc until I get to the expression and suddenly I'm like.. " WHAT IS GOING ON OH NO! This is terrible interesting!!

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      Haha thanks! The background and color palette was based off that typical pastel yet vibrant look everyone goes with for easter, but I planned this "world" to have off colors to what we know. So the sky is a lavender-y purple during the day time and blood red at dawn and sunset. Still flushing out ideas on paper so this was my first attempt at where I wanted to go color wise haha

      Boe's more the type to hide or avoid confrontation then he is to scrap his way through things, so I figured for this piece someone's threatening him and he's in a situation where it's fight or flight lol.

      ALSO, first piece where his "backpack" makes an appearance which is actually a character who is also a shape shifter :D

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    I really really hope you do the comic, coz this looks really awesome.

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      I'm not sure I'll be doing it exactly like this because of how long it took, but I'll be pretty damn close style wise. We'll see! Lol, once I get started on the first few pages I'll settle on art direction haha.

      Thank you, I'm glad it's proving to be a good idea so far :D

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    This looks awful! Not your best work! I am disappoint son. <3