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🔞, minors begone.

Short queer reptile, sometimes a python sometimes a gator sometimes a dragon. I'm over 18 & under 30, you can call me it or he but NOT they. I'm a weird little kinky furry that makes children and TERFs cry.


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1. Bust Icon

Base Price (1 Character)
$ 25.00
add  Add character
$ 25.00
add  Non-Preferred Kink
$ 15.00
add  Sexual expression/fluids
$ 10.00

2. Waist-Up

Base Price (1 Character)
$ 35.00
add  Add character
$ 35.00
add  Non-Preferred Kink
$ 15.00
add  Sex
$ 10.00

3. Full-Body

Base Price (1 Character)
$ 45.00
add  Add character
$ 45.00
add  Genital Nudity
$ 10.00
add  Non-Preferred Kink
$ 15.00
add  Sex
$ 10.00

Commission inquiries must be sent via email to

Price Details

  • To keep your commission private, you must add on an additional 50% of the total.
  • Shading is free, but the caveat is that it will be added at MY discretion depending on what I think would work best for the piece. If you absolutely MUST have shading or no shading, let me know and we can discuss it.
  • Color-block, gradient, and blurred scene backgrounds are included in the base prices.
  • Add-ons DO stack. If you want sex & don't want to pay as much, consider asking for the genitals to be angled out of the shot.

I will draw:

  • Anthropomorphic animals (bipedal furries, quadrupedal furries)
  • High-readability characters (hard transitions between colors as opposed to smooth blur/smudge/gradient)
  • Breeding & pregnancy
  • Oviposition
  • Vore
  • Transformation
  • Body type changes (weight-gain, body TF, etc)

I won't draw:

  • Very low-readability characters (complicated markings with lots of smooth transitions). If a color pallet is provided, I may be willing to, but it WILL be simplified & I will not smudge anything.
  • Characters with humanoid faces
  • Very young characters (under 14) including "3000 yr old loli" type stuff
  • Extremely old characters (appearance-wise, excessive wrinkles & sagging skin & stuff)
  • Ageplay, ABDL, etc.
  • Live birth
  • Scat, piss, farting, & unsanitary
  • X-rays of live young
  • NSFW of quadrupedal cats

I will not work with individuals who:

  • are disrespectful towards me or other clients.
  • express hateful or harmful beliefs or intentions against marginalized groups.
  • are "anti-shippers"/"fancops," i.e. people who think that making a drawing is morally the same as committing a real-life crime.

Payment and Turnaround
Payment is taken AFTER completion. I try to get things done within two weeks, but unfortunately I frequently have to delay or cancel things, so instead I will send heavily watermarked versions until it is done and paid. I do know how to create anti-AI watermarks, so don't bother trying that :)

Terms of Use

  • The pricing of commercial licensing and full rights depend on whether you are an individual, small business, or large business. A lawyer must be consulted first & a proper contract will be written.
  • You must purchase a license or full rights in order to use my artwork for profit.
  • You must purchase full rights in order to train AI with my artwork.
  • You must purchase full rights in order to mint my artwork as an NFT, and even then I will still refuse to work with you in the future and warn other artists to do the same.



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