My Pokemon Starters by smoketopus

My Pokemon Starters


2 June 2019 at 15:42:39 MDT

I just thought I'd draw my starters for all the pokemon I've used in games so far to start off my new sketchbook! Plus the one I plan to use!


I've never really used a grass type whoops

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    Hunh............trying to think if I've ever chosen a Grass-type starter, either.........I think I may've used Snivy in one of my Isshu/Unova games. chuckle

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      i get that! i think once i start black 2 i'm gonna pick snivy just because it's about time i picked at least one grass starter! What starters do you usually go for?

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        I tend to gravitate to Fire-types. Probably because “red” is my favorite color. I think D/P/Pt was the first time I took a non-Fire Starter. Not a monkey person, really, so I took the penguin! XD But, to be honest.....I think the final evolution of Turtwig is better than Piplup, visually. :)

        Snivy’s a good Pokémon, especially if you like speedy types. Grass-types rarely get much of a speed stat, but this evolution has a decent one. I actually wound up with a female Snivy from the Professor, too—it was the first time I got a female Starter off the bat! :)