Bob! by smoketopus



23 April 2018 at 16:17:23 MDT

he was my first villager and i cried when he left my village

i was gonna do more but it's exam week

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    I know how you feel..............I still have one of my very first townspeople in my village (Antonio) and he's the only reason I play about 20 minutes every night (just to tell him "no" he can't leave). :)

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      I know that feeling- I've got so many villlagers like that in new leaf now! I need to get back into it but I'm gonna have to see when I last played it :'D

      the gamecube version was brutal, but I got really lucky recently, and I made a new game, and not only did I get my first town layout, he was there in the same spot!

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        I am apparently a "flower fan" according to my townspeople--I just wish they'd stop randomly planting flowers and messing up my patterns! XD I finally planted bamboo in the last few months, so I have a little bamboo grove now........

        June 10th will mark 5 years of playing "New Leaf" (with the same consistent game), which was my first "Animal Crossing" game............I started it because a friend wanted me to. But now everyone else I know stopped playing it and I'm the only one left still playing! chuckle

        Congrats on getting your "old" town back in the GameCube version! :D

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    He is was first villager I met, and I felt sad when I slept before he visit me. :(