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Welcome to my Weasyl page!

I'm a writer, who happens to write about naughty things, oftentimes rather unusual naughty things. I'm known almost entirely for vore/unbirth content. If that doesn't appeal to you, I AM working on non-adult stuff (and I do have some adult content that isn't vore/unbirth related).

I have a Patreon account to support my writing. Just $2 a month gets you access to WIP stories. I try to post on my patreon regularly, and I also post most of that same content here in my 'friends only' folder. If you have contributed to my Patreon but haven't been added as a friend here yet, shoot me a DM letting me know the name you're contributing under over on Patreon and send me a friend request.

I don't post all my work here, just select things. However, you can find the full archive of my work over on SoFurry:


Please, if you have read something by me and have a thought you'd like to share, be it just saying how much you liked it, what you liked about it, or some constructive criticism (more a matter of "I think it might be a stronger story if person X did thing Y" rather than "I found a spelling mistake in line X"), I would love to hear it! I crave feedback! I don't want to get caught in an echo chamber and unduly believe my work is better than it actually is! FEEDBACK! PLEASE GIVE!!

I'm also considering posting a few pictures here that are by artists I've commissioned. I am no artist myself so I cannot claim such ability, however, I'm happy to direct people to artists whose work I rather appreciate.

Well, now I'm just rambling so I'll cut it off here. Click the watch button, have a look around, stay a while, maybe consider contributing to my patreon.

Thanks for reading!


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Commissions open!

on 2 March 2017 at 17:53:25 MST

Hey guys! I'm opening for commissions! Follow the link for details!

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    I own all of your published works~

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      I'm glad you like my stuff so much!

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    I should totally catch more of your game streams! I keep missing 'em!

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    Oh. Yay! I love your stories. :D

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    I believe it doesn't, unfortunately. Although I'm very glad you like 'em! X3
    I'm sad to say I don't normally browse here very often, so my faves are more barren than they should be. Although my FA account with the same username is crammed with 'em :p

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