Daemon Graves by SlyMrFox

Daemon Graves


2 May 2013 at 15:31:33 MDT

Daemon is a friend of Bunny's from their days of school, along with Karen Black. She is the heir president of a powerful A.I. company, Graves Corp., a major income magnet that Bunny wants to someday acquire. However, unlike her friendship with Karen, Bunny treasures her relationship with Daemon, one of the few and rare respectable things about Bunny. Daemon has been paralyzed from the shoulders down all her life and get's along with a specialized A.I. driven wheelchair. The A.I.'s name is Nigel.

I'll eventually give Nigel a holographic body so people aren't freaked out by seeing a paralyzed girl's wheelchair moving around and talking.

Daemon Graves, Nigel, and art © slymrfox