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put it on me by Slunchy

put it on me


3 November 2012 at 11:07:20 MDT

Finn doin da fashions

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    Ahh what a cutie. <333 I wanna see more neopets art on here. <3

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      thank you!! I wish I could start up neopets again but I don't have the time and my old account got deleted and I miss it way too much sobs

      and my other pets aren't that interesting to draw, I believed in adopting the most hopeless ones from the pound so I had pets with names like 50Cent48374230_1

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        Haha oh my gosh that's really cute. Yeah I just recently started a new account, but really I just made my pets and I'm like yeah eventually I want to paint them like this. But it will probably never happen because I work so much. So instead I just wanna draw and RP them how they'd look. /lazyyyyy

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          I say you just take a pet and color you like and draw it I mean what's the difference between that and making a regular animal character?? The only different thing is to make a Neopets character you have to put a million hours into a virtual world and with the animal you just pick a species and go

          fuck the system, u do what u want

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    doges of CLASS

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      doges of very little ass