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7 May 2015 at 01:32:36 MDT

Sorry, Weasyl. You're like the neglected child I keep in the closet.

I'm going to post a select few recent pieces here. Sorry for sucking!

This is a gigantic (didn't measure, but over 6 feet long - the couch in the background is a decent reference) stuffed thing I made for my 18-month-old niece for Christmas. Made of fleece, faux fur, ping pong balls, and about 30 hours of madness. I kinda pulled the pattern out of my ass despite having one to use - I am really stubborn when it comes to stuff like this because I feel like I learn best when fumbling around blindly and getting really pissed, I guess. Also, this was entirely hand-sewn because I am a masochist.

As such, I was punished by having to redo parts of it many times to get it remotely close to what I had imagined. The head was remade twice, and the neck was redone no fewer than five times, which is actually what inspired me to do the Dr. Seuss-esque fluffy rings - they are actually covering disfiguring surgery scars. I also had to take in the body twice as it was hilariously blimp-like the first couple times I stuffed it. I am still not super happy with the body shape, but I figured I'd just call it done after spending so long on it.

Poor thing. If his face wasn't sewn in a permanent expression of thrill, he'd probably look quite traumatized.

In any case, said niece kissed him right on the nose on Christmas morning, so I figure that a success. Here's hoping he's durable enough to withstand the expected abuse from a kid that age. If not, it will probably still be nothing compared to what I inflicted upon him, so I consider him to be in good hands now.

Cupcake not included.

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    "Also, this was entirely hand-sewn because I am a masochist."
    Why would a masochist be a cause for it to be hand sewn? I made myself a stuffed toy at school and didn't prick myself, and that toy was Baaaad.

    "If his face wasn't sewn in a permanent expression of thrill"
    That would be a perfect torture technique; take the vocal chords out so that your captive can't scream then sew the mouth into a permanent grin of pleasure and excitement.
    then no matter what you do to him (be it super gluing his foreskin so that every time he takes a piss his foreskin keeps stretching and eventually rips open, or hanging him upside down from hooks attached through his skin, hanging from the ceiling) he would be smiling and grinning till he dies, as is the may with mortals.

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    I just went through the process of making a pattern from scratch for my screen printing class.
    Spent about 2 weeks on that pattern...and a full day of frustration to sew it together.

    Kudos to you for hand sewing the entire thing. @.@

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    This guy is super cute. You came up with the pattern yourself? That's awesome!