Animal Doki and Nabi by SlippingStar (critique requested)

Animal Doki and Nabi (critique requested)


3 May 2013 at 23:35:28 MDT

I pretty much aimed not to put my fanart on this account, since I didn't want my fanart to get more attention for their content than the work that was original and better. But I don't think there are enough There she is!! fans out there to outweigh my work (sadly), and I really do like this piece.

If you've never heard of There she is!!, it's a 5-video series about the love between a rabbit boy and bunny girl in a world where such a love is not allowed. You can watch the series all at once in this video.

There she is!! (c) SamBakZa

Art (c) SlippingStar


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    I miss that series.

    good pic.