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Sass and Suave by SlipperTroll

Sass and Suave


6 April 2014 at 15:52:45 MDT

This piece was finished in November 2013, after about five days of work.

I am so proud of how everything turned out; it was all an experiment with painting textures. Day one was spent sketching and working on the Line art. Day two was refining lines and adding flat color, as well as fully rendering the eyes. Day three was more refinement of The Spine; shading and lighting. Day four was shading the clothes and more refinement. Today, I finished shading and lighting Hatchworth's metal, changed the stripes on The Spine's vest (they were troublesome), and added the background, smoke, and other minor details. All of the painting was done in Paint Tool SAI, while I did some filter magic in Photoshop for the steam.

I've been dying to draw Hatchworth again, he's always a challenge!

Of course these two are property of Steam Powered Giraffe LLC, and this image is not to be sold or redistributed.

If you want a chance at coloring these two, you can find my finished lineart here:

You can see a few detail shots on my Tumblr:

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    I got to see these guys live

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      Lucky! I live in the Southeast, and I just can't afford to travel to where they are :(

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        They were preforming at the San Diego zoo, I had a year pass so I got to see them for free