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Put In Work by SligarTheTiger

Put In Work


30 March 2014 at 18:25:09 MDT

"Ehru's been put'n in work since the fuckin 80's, before me AND Roos were born"

Ehru is an old fart, but not really given his race ages slower then normal anthros who age normally like humans. Suveghns usually get up to about 120, 130 years old on average.

Ehru/suveghns belong to me


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    Amusingly, I stumbled across this while testing the site. Part of me wants to say this is very inspired by Vice City, but then again, Vice City is heavily influenced by the 80s and Scarface...

    I quite like it either way, though. The painting style is nice and rough, which works really well for the content.

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    This kinda reminded me of a 1986 scene in Miami Vice...