Sacred Fire by SligarTheTiger

Sacred Fire


29 May 2016 at 16:16:56 MDT

Song that spawned this picture > Phiso & Samplifire - Sacred Fire

Sligar/Dubmare/furryville belong to me


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    I love this one so much wow... the intensity of it and the atmosphere is fantastic! so much action going on with the sparks and flames. the moment in both Sligar and the zombies(?) along with your signature painting style, its so AWESOME!

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    This piece is especially cool. It stands apart from the pinuppy type scenes since the action is the focus more than the characters themselves. Their situation is the focus.
    So yeah. Very cool. Very on point with the value of the atmosphere that adds to its believability. Love it!

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    Hello new desktop background. You should really do more art like this, I would pay for this stuff if I actually had any money.