Reference: Sligar 2014 by SligarTheTiger

Reference: Sligar 2014


18 August 2015 at 00:59:23 MDT

Needed to update my ref, shit was outdated by 3 years lol, though I mean, my fursona's appearance hasn't changed really at all.

Age: 20 (or whatever my current age is)
Height: 5'9 (69 inches)
Weight: 140 ibs
Species: Coyote + Fox (Dad is a coyote, Mom a fox)

Main Interests: Dubstep, Cars, Guns, Booty, and "kill'n evil motherfuckers"

Small Bio: Sligar was born in Suburban area just outside Downtown Furryville called Youkon. During highschool a family friend, Ehru, introduced Sligar to a Jackal named Roos. Ehru had been working with Sligar over the years being a mentor in the art of "killing assholes and people who make this city a living hell". Roos was the top dog in this line of business has been working alongside Ehru since 1989. Once Sligar graduated, He moved into Roos's Crib where her and Ehru helped him further develop his skills across all fronts. They taught him his driving skills, shooting, investigation skills, and just about everything he needed to become the most feared weapon against all enemies of the nation. Sligar goes from eliminating public terrorizing daemons to racing across the dangerous wastelands outside Furryville for large sums of cash, you name it, Ehru, Roos, And Sligar do it.

Just a short quick summary, there is a shit ton more details, for instance Dubmare is a big part of my Fursona's life. Dubmare needs a new ref too, and probably Roos, and

Really, REALLY on the verge to making some comics of my world, BUT.....We'll see

Sligar/Furryville/Dubmare/Roos/Ehru all belong to me