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A character sketch of two solar cat reapers by SkyPaint

A character sketch of two solar cat reapers


The purple Tomcat is calm and collected, but at times might over push his boundaries and get too close to other people, specially to friends and family because he cares for those the most even if it gets on their nerves at times. Some of his Hobbies is reading and drinking a nice cup of coffee but he cannot stand loud blasting music unlike his sister that loves it. overall his name is unknown.

The red she-cat is cheerful and mischievous, but at times is rash and enjoys her personal space unlike her brother. when it comes to hobby she likes going out on the town listening to loud music whenever she has a chance, but her Hobbies go as far to even reflect on her job as a reaper, that she does not care that much for and from that causes many arguments between her and her brother. From being impaired at times almost reveals her name, but she can never put down the drink if she has it. But it doesn't mean that her brother won't join in for a nice drink at times.