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Birthing Quadruplets by SkylarRikuYT

Birthing Quadruplets


28 October 2015 at 15:25:10 MDT

Apparently, Zalmmuna was pregnant with quadruplets and it looks like there are two fathers! She must've been pretty sneaky to hide her secret for having children...

But they look surprised and didn't know how she was able to bear them on her own! But she kept it secret and didn't let them know until now. Trust me, she is the ultimate trickster here in Equestria.

Gift for: Rasponov and SteelClaw675

Vladimir HM Rasponov-rasponov
Art, Zalmmuna, and Foals-Me

By the way, if you see writing next to the foals, i did that so you would know which baby belongs to which stallion.