The Many Faces of Chester by Skunkbomb

The Many Faces of Chester


16 March 2014 at 09:08:24 MDT

Armpit: "Phew! Don't tell me i'm due for a bath already. I just had one last week!"

Denied: "Call it a hunch, but I think he's not interested in my good."

Money: Cue cash register sounds in his head

Greetings: "Good morning sir or miss. I believe I have something you may not even know you need."

Disgruntled: "It's either 'yes' or 'yes.' You opened the door. That means you're interested."

I'd say this is Chester's official clothing and fur color and style.

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    This looks pretty neat. :) What kind of animal is Chester, anyway? I asked because he looks kind of like a raccoon...

    What things does Chester sell? Toiletries? Home decor? Potpourri? Pocket knives and watches, maybe? ;) Curious to know.

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      Chester's a long-tailed weasel. He sells all sorts of second-hand goods. That could mean finding a broken alarm clock, fixing it, and selling it to someone or lying that an old sock belong to Ben Franklin. It depends on how desperate he is to make rent.