Twin Revenge by Skulldog

Twin Revenge


14 November 2012 at 12:35:54 MST

The Inugami, a Japanese spirit created by tying a dog just out of reach of food, and just before it expires from hunger, decapitating and burying the head. Usually created for the sole purpose of seeking out revenge, the Inugami is not an easy thing to control once created, usually ending in the spirit killing it’s creator once it’s done it’s job of seeking out a target for revenge.

A cautionary tale of why revenge is self defeating.

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    Jeez... Is this actually practiced...?

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      I'd like to hope it's not anymore, but it seems to have been practiced a bit in the past. D:

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    a beautiful piece, which richly illustrates the grim legend

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    This is fantastic. The rich colors and reds give it an ominous atmosphere. I really love Japanese folklore in general too so WOW great picture.

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    What an eerie piece of folklore. The picture definitely does a good job of illustrating it. Love the little details such as the figure's head lacking the color of the rest of the body. As always, your figures are full of energy and light, even for darker themes. <3

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    That composition is really awesome and the colors choices are damn good too! I always liked this myth.. it's so interestingly creepy, glad to see it illustrated so well :D!!

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    I love the shading and color in this one, and the haunting tale that goes with it.