Sea Defender by Skulldog

Sea Defender


28 November 2018 at 21:37:51 MST

Sea Defender, a little Ecco the Dolphin fanart. I grew up on these games and played the heck out of the first Genesis version.

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    YOOO! Beautiful af fanart. Took me way back to my childhood. Fantastic job

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    Woooah, beautiful art for this awesome game. Ecco's always enthralled me with it's bizzare, unique plot and world workings, and the beautiful, yet scary and solitary, underwater scenery! Happy I was able to catch this piece on the front page!

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    I can remember being so excited that they remade it later on............Sega really supported a lot of their franchises. You did a very beautiful piece honoring this character. :)

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    Never got pass that damn octopus.

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    I grew up with the Game Gear flavors of these games... I can still hear the sound tracks in my mind.

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    Ecco is such a peculiar series of games. Somehow both dread-inducing and beautiful. Real treasures! I could see this piece being the cover of a special edition re-release, it reminds me a lot of the classic cover art. Wonderfully done!

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    I have a phobia about deep water but still managed to play the original Ecco game back in the day. I loved it, even as frustrating as it was! This is a lovely tribute.